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Welcome to the European Law Moot Court Official website

After an exceptional online European Final, the European Law Moot Court Society has decided, in order to facilitate the covid-functionning of Universities in September and the new teaching modalities specific to every country, that the next ELMC Case will be published on October 1st, with a deadline to send the Applicant & Defendant briefs set for December 20th.



The four Regional Finals have taken place with Great success at the Universities of Leiden, Lisbon, Bucharest and Ghent. Congratulations to the local organisers and to the RF winning universities.

As the Qualified Teams already know, the ELMC European Final at the Court of Justice of the European Union -initially planned for the 22nd to the 25th of April- has to be postponed.

The ELMC Society is focusing all its efforts on a successful postponement of the European Final until mid-July if Covid restrictions get lifted.

We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information. In the meantime StayHome #SaveLives!

* * *



Leiden University RF

30 January -

2 February


Lisbon University RF

6 - 9 February


Bucharest University RF

13 – 16  February


Ghent University RF

5 - 8 March




































































Congratulations to all Teams that participated in the Written Phase. Our 40 ELMC Judges have graded your pleadings following our double (and sometimes triple) blind grading process. Unfortunately, only the 48 best Teams can qualify to plead during the 4 ELMC Regional Finals. Teams are mentioned in simple numerical order per RF.

Take notice (first line of the Results Table) of the individual Role that you'll have to prepare for your Regional Final. AG stands for Advocate General, CA stand for Commission's Agent. Moreover, please note that you are expected to plead as the Most Magnificent Order of the Cassowary being the Applicant, and as the Kingdom of Antares being the defendant.

DO READ the Official ELMC Rules before finalising the three oral pleadings.


Please, contact the Master of the Moot of your Regional Final ASAP in the following 72 hours. They will provide you all necessary practical information about your RF & the RF Registration document. Arrival on Thursday, Departure on Sunday :


-         Leiden, 30 January - 2 February:

o   Daniel Carter (


-         Lisbon, 6 - 9 February:

o   Miguel Mota Delgado (


-         Bucharest, 13 – 16  February:

o   Ștefan Bogrea (


-         Ghent, 5 - 8 March:

o   Joyce De Coninck and Femke Gremmelprez ( and



Follow our Facebook Page for all Competition updates and ofcourse read the Official Rules!



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The ELMC Season started with the upload of the New ELMC Case on September 1st 2019. Registrations & the Written Phase are now closed and 48 University Teams are preparing the ELMC Oral Phase that will take place in February-March 2020 in 4 Regional Finals organised by 4 prestigious Universities all over the EU.

Here's the ELMC Case for the academic year 2019-2020 :

ELMC CASE 2019-2020 English

ELMC AFFAIRE 2019-2020 Français

For full information please check the Compete section of this website & our Annual Reports

How does the ELMC Registration procedure work ?

- first of all you read the Rules of the Competition & the new Case

- you start working on the two written submissions

- in early November we upload here the Official Registration Form that will have to be submitted by email until mid-November (see the website announcement for the exact dates)

- on November 25th, you submit by email the two written pleadings, that will be graded by our ELMC Judges following our Double Blind Assessment Procedure!

- Results of the written phase : before January 15th on this website




The European Law Moot Court is an annual international competition which is held between University teams of students who have an interest in European Union Law.

It is organized by the ELMC Society, founded in 1988. It is today considered as the most prestigious moot court within the field of European Union Law and one of the most important moot court competitions in the world.

Participating can be a great Plus on your CV and for the reputation of your University, but most of all it is an once-in-a-lifetime Human & Professional experience.

The case, as every year, is published on this website on September 1st.

80 to 100 student teams from European & USA Universities register and send us their applicant & defendant written pleadings until the end of November.

Once the submissions are anonymized, the written pleadings are distributed to our ELMC Judges who carry out a double blind marking of the pleadings.

The results of this written phase are published on our web site on January 15th.

Every year, 48 teams -12 per Regional Final-, composed by 3 or 4 students and their Coach, designated only by their secret numbers, are qualified for the oral phase.

Four Regional Finals are held in European and US Universities over the four weekends of February. From Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning, students from dozens of nationalities face constant questions of our Judges. What better way to choose the best litigators, in substance and form, who will have the unique opportunity to plead before the real Judges of the Court of Justice of the European Union?

The Court of Justice of the European Union hosts the European Final of the European Law Moot Court on Friday, at the end of March beginning of April every year.

The Annual Report of the European Law Moot Court is available, get your copy and share the link