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Mission statement

The more specific aim of the Society, towards achieving the purpose described above, is to stimulate studies in European law and to that end, it organises the annual European Law Moot Court Competition.

The European Law Moot Court Competition, as the vehicle through which the Society stimulates studies in European law, has been designed to facilitate a maximum amount of student involvement in the study of issues of law affecting the peoples of Europe. The essential elements of the Moot and the guiding principles upon which the activities of the Society are founded, are:

that the Moot should be open to all students of whatever nationality and discipline;

that not only should the Moot be open to all students, but that the Society should encourage all students to participate;

that the Moot and the Society should facilitate and encourage the meeting of students from different cultures and nationalities;

that the Moot should not require any previous, in-depth knowledge of European law, but should encourage the acquisition of that knowledge through participation;

that the Moot should maintain a high academic and pedagogic standard;

that the issues of law raised by the Moot problem should, so far as possible, be current bearing in mind the state of development of the Union;

that through the process of competition, the Society should create an incentive for students to learn, to develop and to excel in themselves;

that, above all, the Moot is a means to an end (the stimulation of studies in European law) and not an end itself.