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Oral Round Tips

Read the case carefully again.

Read the rules carefully again.

Respect yourself: get enough sleep and eat propperly.

Be sure to know whether your team is going to prepare a pleading as an Advocate General or a Commission Representative.

Know the battlefield - bear in mind the sender/receiver situation when proceeding.

15 minutes are not enough time to explain exotic legal points, SO KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Be ready to be interrupted by judges during your oral arguments. The ELMC Rules & Executive Secretaries will encourage the Bench to pose several questions during your pleadings, interrupting your pleading presentation.

Try to make a plan or your oral arguments that lasts about 8 minutes.

Do yourselves (and the judges) a favour and learn the basics of rhetoric.

Make your presentation vivid and interesting to hear.

If you were a judge, what would you expect a pleading to be?

Be sure to do repeated rehearsals in the weeks up to the competition.

Try filming the rehersals and see the film. You will learn, laugh, and get memories to last a lifetime.

Know your oral pleadings by heart - if your coach wakes you in the middle of the night you should go: "Mister President, honoured members of the court……..".

You are going to convince judges that might not share your view of the world, SO KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Know the fundamental rules of EU Law - the judges love to pose questions about them.

Have a plan B prepared if the time is running out.

Remember that you are an "anonymous" representative of your University and your Country, so behave!

Do not forget your oral pleadings at home or at your hotel (but if you do, it should not matter, as you know your oral pleadings by heart).

Dress as you would for a real Court hearing. Formal clothing is very appreciated by the judges. The ladies should dress conservatively in respect to the Court, and the gentlemen should wear business suit and tie.


Remember that the Moot Court is about meeting and competing - so remember to have a good time.